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On April 23, 2013
By Beth Sievenpiper
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Past Events at Bentwood

Community gardens are more than just gardens. They are a learning experience in community development and forward thinking for a sustainable region. Gobbling Gourmets Sabrina Hahn and Peter Dameon recently took guests on a garden adventure and  talked about their experiences in developing and maintaining their gardens and community. The tour included morning/afternoon tea and lunch with stops at local community gardens/nurseries, Drylands Permaculture Nursery and Research Farm and Bentwood Olive Grove.

IMG_3201        Walking through the Grounds at Bentwood.

IMG_3215     Windmill and 150 year Old Stone lined Well.

IMG_3196  Complimentary Tuckaroo Seedlings.

IMG_3239   Looking for our wonderful Tawny Frogmouths.

IMG_2821    Last years Family, Mother nesting in a tree this year.

IMG_3223   Tour Veggie Garden and Greenhouse.

Thanks for checking our bookeasy page for availability. If you'd like to book directly through us here at Bentwood Olive Grove,please call us on (08) 99261196 or email